A Dose Of Joy

So.... As a self proclaimed Utopian, I had defined happiness for myself..until,like C.S Lewis, I too was surprised by Joy. I think everyone has stories to tell. Some louder than others,some scary, some strange,but all stories still. And this far in my life, I've learnt that no two stories are ever the same. And how … Continue reading A Dose Of Joy

Popped Balloons

I grew up thinking I was a good little christian girl because, (1) I tried very hard to be good, (2) I was not as bad as the kids around me, (3) I was never caught being bad and trees that fall in the forest never make noise. Even after I became a christian, I … Continue reading Popped Balloons

10 Things that Make Me happy 😊

Its a beautiful, wet, cold, January and I'm here for it! I'm doing this writing challenge with fun, more personal prompts for the next few days. And today, I'm doing the ten things that make me happy! So leggo! 1. Bae time! This has just got to be the cheesiest thing ever, but literally doing … Continue reading 10 Things that Make Me happy 😊


I'm finally seated on the bus, thirty minutes to departure. I'm en route to see prettiest little girl in my world at the moment. Hopefully, another little one to turn into me. Coz I'm that great. On Christmas day, my family and I were excited that the newest addition to the family was a month … Continue reading Given

Christmas Wonder

I sat in the pew this morning at church. It was the special Christmas service. I've never felt festive. Not in this season, or any for that matter. And so today, I was gearing for sobering reminders of what Christmas really means. We read through Matthew 1. The genealogy of Christ, Mary and Joseph's courtship, … Continue reading Christmas Wonder

No hip replacement here!

This is a post from December 6th, 2017. It came to mind this morning for two reasons: one, I was thinking and feeling a lot like Jacob as he neared Seir, and two, I was reading through that exact same scripture today. So, here goes! 06/12/17 02:10Sleep.My left brain mocks my right. I can't sleep. … Continue reading No hip replacement here!

The Princess and the Pea

So the story of the Princess and the pea is one of the stories I grew up reading and actually quite liked… If it’s a little unfamiliar or you wanna reacquaint yourself with the tale, you can find it here. It is the backbone on which the piece below is built. Enjoy! If life be … Continue reading The Princess and the Pea

The Autumn and the Rainbow

This is a short post 😊 If I were a season, I'd be autumn: Shedding self so self can shed off death, The hues, the drying and the dying, A dying of self, the part of life that dies so it can live. And if I were an element, I'd be the lovechild of sunshine … Continue reading The Autumn and the Rainbow

Joy. Just Joy.

I must have dozed off for a minute. As I struggle to focus, I wonder why am holding a pink cereal bowl with a pink plastic spoon in it. At least it’s empty, it means whoever was eating from it finished their food. Why is that important? I look up at the TV screen. Oh, … Continue reading Joy. Just Joy.