A Dose Of Joy

No fairytale endings…Just tales of never-ending Grace..

A Dose Of Joy

Mmh I am a lover of euphoria. And I love to exist in tranquil Utopia... I had defined happiness for myself..until,like C.S Lewis, I too was surprised by Joy.  I think everyone has stories to tell. Some louder than others,some... Continue Reading →

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Storms and teacups

This is a short post. Sooo, I'm rereading Big little lies. Liane Moriarty. I love that book. Can't wait to watch the series. Any who. I just came across the phrase "storm in a teacup" and some where in the... Continue Reading →

V for Villain

I'm just gonna dive into it. So, I'm a huge fan of the bad guys... Not Maleficent, Ghost from Antman and the Wasp type of vilains,no. I'm talking Thanos. I'm talking General Zod. I'm talking that guy from Justice league... Continue Reading →

Greenlights all the way

Hey friends! So I was on a cab home last night. And the air was cool and the traffic was minimal. I know. Standard. With very little opportunity for people watching, yours truly had to make do with..... Well, watching... Continue Reading →

Stripes of the Motherland

A layer of Earth covers her legs and shoes She treads familiar streets. Full of dust, and seasonally, mud. But now, a little after midday,the sun hangs blazing, and the topography responds with a humid sigh. This is motherland, and... Continue Reading →


I wouldn't have a problem with not being able to sleep if it left my face alone. If I stayed up and still looked like I'd been asleep in Xerxes' beauty harem. But no. And still, here I am. Anywho...... Continue Reading →

Divine narrative

Hey loves!!! Been a long hiatus. Writers block? School? I don't know. But here we are. Let's get right into today's post. So I recently started a new Bible reading plan and I'm now going book by book...which is pretty... Continue Reading →

I am Iron Man

Hey. I'm Iron Man. Not in a super hero,epic facial hair-type of way. Maybe in a sort of sarcastic, sometimes narcissistic kinda way. I mean, I've created my own demons. Fought alien emotions and battled my own robotic stoic faith.... Continue Reading →

Memoirs of a 20-something year old

So here's the myth I busted recently. You don't have it all figured out in your 20s. Old news? Yea? I don't know man, I always thought by the time you get to the age I'm at, you have answers... Continue Reading →

Getting warmer

Saturday. 8:05pm. It's all in the details. The little ones we almost overlook. The minute, Skin deep changes. A knot there. A little shift there. As long as the surface looks the same. Post modernism seems like a wonderful enough... Continue Reading →

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